1938 Founded in Kamata, Tokyo,Japan
1944 Moved the head office and factory to Kokuryo, Maebashi Japan
1946 Moved the head office to Kanda,Tokyo,Japan. Makuhari factory newly established in Chiba,Japan.
1949 Put β Brass Fuse to practical use for hard fuse wire of communication
1962 Awarded as an industrial safety excellence plant in Japan
1963 Started the operation of the Maebashi 2nd plant(Current Maebashi factory) in Sojyamachi, Mabashi, Gunma, Japan
1967 Moved the head office to Shimbashi, Tokyo
1968 Consolidated Makuhari factory into Maebashi factory, and established Maebashi sales office
1988 Established Nagoya sales office.
1989 Established the H.N.C.Co.,Ltd. In Hong Kong and started China plant.
1995 Established the D.N.C.Co.,Ltd. In China as a manufacture company, and started producing magnet wires.
1997 Acquired ISO 9001 certification
2001 Established Osaka sales office
2001 Established Fukuoka sales office
2002 Acquired ISO 14001 certification
2003 Established Sendai sales office
2003 Established factory of communication cable at D.N.C.Co.,Ltd
2004 Established factory of current fuse at D.N.C.Co.,Ltd
2006 Established Sapporo sales office
2008 Established the Hiroshima representative office
2011 Promote Hiroshima representative office to Hiroshima sales office
2011 Established Nissen Electronics (Philippines), Inc in Philippines as a manufacture company, and started producing a current fuses.
2014 Established Nissen Philippines Inc in Philippines, and started producing communication cable.
2018 Established Okinawa representattive office